All About OGX

What is it about?

OGX, which stands for Out Going Exchanges, is the department of AIESEC in University of Colombo, responsible for getting sudents (undergraduates and recent graduates below 28 years) an opportunity to go for an International Exchange Experience. In other words, OGX is the process in which local students are sent abroad for internships and in exchange, foreign students are given internships in this country. OGX may also be called as the Global Internship Programme.

Why is it there?

To help recently graduated students and undergraduate students of local universities and other recognized institutes of Sri Lanka to benefit from the opportunities that AIESEC provides by giving exchange opportunities to work abroad. In doing so, the students get an invaluable experience on cultural diversity experience as well as a quality internship. This will lead to new opportunities, spread across the globe, for obtaining more knowledge and skills.

How does it work?

Upon showing interest you will have to fill up a simple application form. Afterwards, you will be interviewed. Once selected for the Global Internship Programme, you will be given a form, which upon filling it will be uploaded to our online database, which connects all 100 AIESEC member countries. All available internships and interns (like you) have their forms on this database and your form will be matched to one according to the type of internship and other criteira supplied by you.

Who are behind this?

  • Buddhika

  • Jithendra

  • Ashan

  • Shani

  • Wayomi

  • Nipuni